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24.05.2008 Belgien: Police shooting at sleeping dog

The little Daughter of the owner is in shock when see her killed dog ..

Upset, annoyed and disbelieve, that are the words that discrive the grief from the family from Asse. At fridaynight shoot the police without any reasons at a cold bloody way in the head of sleeping dogg. The police refused to make a report. This was reported to Blid saterday.

The American Stafford Jul was from a family from Asse and was known as social lovely childfriendly dogg. There was never a disturbances of barking, noice, agressiveness or any other state of inconvenience. At the day Jul plays with the little daughter of the family, and in the evening he's sleeping in an bench, that is standing at the terrace in front of the house.

At thursday 1.00 o clock in the night we're goin to sleep, told the owner of the dogg. As usually we did Jul in his bench. Jul is came out of his bench without knowing the reason. He was leisurely lying in the chair, that is standing 2 meters from the owners terrace. This chair is not standing at a public road or by the neighbours. After this the police is called and received a notification that a dogg was walking unsettled.

2 combi's with 4 policeofficers, 1 woman and 3 men, commin at 5.30 at the lokation. They don't came out of the combi, but driving to the grass, close tot chair and shoot without any delay a shot from their combi, in front of the head of the dogg. The bullet was goin straight trough the head of Jul and tough the chair

The heavy wounded dogg could not came out of the chair en was trying at every way to walk from the policemen. Than the policemen shoot again at the dogg right to the heart of the dogg.

Our Jul had not even had one change! Hij never did somebody wrong. He only was sleeping in the chair!!! Why must he killed at this awfull way? ...This was saying to the distressed owner.

When they here the shooting the family came out the bed. The owners and there little daughter saw the bleeding dogg lying on the road. The child was totally in shock. The police was behaving arrogant and refused to make a report. They also don't want to tell their names.

When the owner visit a few days later the policestation nobody could gave her a reason for the bloody killing of the dogg. Again they refused to make a report. Also they don't gave the names of policeofficers.

The pain of the family, says Dirk Blanchart. The lost their best friend through barbarian behouviour from the policemen. The daughter had completely traumashised. How do you explain to child that the police comes in middle of the night to shoot at pets! This is goin to far! The animal was not showing any agressive signs and was only sleeping in the chair!

Where are we goin in this country when we accept that police commin to shoot at sleeping doggs. When there is not commin a sanction, owners of doggs must watch out. This because of the fact that the police days later, refused to make a report, it is clearly allowed that police are shooting at pets. Are their no laws in this country for animals, or are whe goin at the Chines way? I a shamed obout the behaviour from the policemen. Their is so many pet sadness in this country where we standing helpless, but this is going to far! This is a unnecessary gruesome deed. This policemen don't earn to walk with a weapon.Which dogg will be next? Is this the function of the police? If this why we paying tax? Is this the new safethypolicy? A shamed, really ashes for bein Belgian...

BLID is goin to hand a complain by the Comite P en will follow this case.

BLID gaat nu klacht indienen bij het Comité P en volgt de zaak verder op.

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(Erschreckende Bilder des Blutüberstömten Hundes unter dem Quellen-Link)

Quelle: www.blid.be